About LaserWeld Inc.

LaserWeld is a family owned and operated business since 1998 that specializes in manufacturing solutions. It is a vertically integrated company offering a complete range of services to our customers. LaserWeld procures raw material, saws, cuts, machines, welds, assembles, powder coats and delivers its products Just In Time.Specializing in the use of laser cut parts, LaserWeld incorporates the advantages of both human and robotic welding. Using aggressive manufacturing and pricing approach, LaserWeld has been awarded products previously manufactured in Europe, Asia and Mexico. Our approach has been to arrive at price value through speed and efficiency, to arrive at speed through superior quality. We always start with and focus on quality.LaserWeld is a strategic supplier of the forklift industry, as well as construction, oil exploration and production.

Our Services

Process Development

Being vertically integrated we have the capability to design and manufacture not only our parts but the fixturing and processes involved in making the product and maintaining high quality standards in a timely and effective way.


We use Mig, Stick and Tig welding as well as some robotic welding applications in our fabrications. We provide superior quality welds and still remain cost competitive against companies residing in Asia, Europe and Mexico.

Plate cutting

We utilize several technologies for cutting plate. For parts with extremely tight tolerances we use our Co2 & Fiber Lasers, with which we regularly cut stainless, aluminum and carbon steel. For thicker materials we utilize our high definition plasma or oxy/fuel torches.