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We are able to laser weld both deep and strong seams and nicely rounded smooth seams with finesse, using our TruLaser Weld 5000. Its FusionLine technology also allows us to connect components with gaps.

Laser Welding

We have a wide range of bending capabilities.

For plates, we have press brakes with capacities ranging from 30tons to 225tons and up to 13ft(3.96m) length! We can bend anything from a simple bracket to tight tolerance components with multiple bends.

For tubing, our most impressive piece of equipment is our E lect 130. This is an all electric bender capable of making very accurate multi bend parts.

Bending (Tube & Plate)

We are at a steep advantage when it comes to fast and flexible processing. We own and operate a Trulaser Tube 7000 fiber, which is a solid-state laser equipped with RapidCut technology. This gives us a huge leg up in productivity, particularly in thinner materials.

3D Tube Profiling

We offer shot-blasting, powder painting, and liquid painting services. Our large batch-style equipment allows us to coat a wide array of products, ranging from a few inches in size up to 20ft(2m) long! Additionally, our paint processes achieve near automotive finishes and superior corrosion and weather resistance.


We can cut an extensive range of plate thicknesses ranging from .5mm(1/48in) all the way to 150mm(6in). We can process brass, copper, aluminum, and stainless & carbon steels.

Due to the highly accurate nature of our lasers, very complex and precise parts can be produced without the need for secondary machining operations- thus saving cost and time.

For thicker parts we utilize plasma or OXY.


Using HighDef Plasma we can process thicknesses up to 38mm(1.5in) and plate sizes up to 12m(40ft) long. HighDef Plasma excels at large structural parts and can process an incredible amount of parts  with good tolerances.


Our OXY machines can process plate sizes up to 150mm(6in) thick and 12m(40ft) long! Using OXY we have the option to multi torch for large production runs.

Plate Cutting


We offer a wide range of welding services that include MIG and TIG welding of sheet metal, plate and structural composed of aluminum, stainless or carbon steel. 

For large quantity production we also offer robotic welding services

We have a variety of machining centers to handle any component!

Utilizing both Vertical and Horizontal 3 & 4 axis machines we can drill, tap, slot, bevel, countersink, or 3D profile any part. 

We use both Mazaks and Okumas (CAT40 & CAT50) and all are HSM capable.

Additionally we have the ability to machine oversized pieces up to 4m(13ft) in length on our Okuma 852 extended bed. This machine is a CAT50 and can handle very long and heavy components that normally would not fit inside a work envelope.


We offer the full range of saw cutting- bundle cuts, miter cuts, compound miters, and straight cuts.


On our band saws, we can cut one piece or an entire bundle of material at the same time. Maximum capacity is 559mm(22in) thickness at whatever length is needed. Our saws are also equipped with auto-feed options that are great for large production runs.


We also have high speed carbide saw capabilities that offer incredibly precise cuts for parts up to 127mm(5in) in diameter. Parts cut with this method have very tight tolerances and great surface finish, and often don’t require any secondary machining operation due to the precision and surface quality- thus saving unnecessary time and cost.


We offer projection/nut welding. By using our automatic nut feeders, we can very quickly and economically weld multiple threaded inserts to a complex fabrication or run a couple thousand small mounting brackets. Nut welding is a very cost effective way of adding threads to a component instead of machining and additionally it can allow for reduced weight of the final part as the plate thickness can decrease due to the fact the thread is added externally.


We offer a wide array of services outside the shop.


If you need help modifying your product to be easily manufactured on modern equipment, we are here to help.

We can also turn your idea into a working 3D model for review prior to cutting parts.




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